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Time Well Spent– or Not?

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2013 at 7:56 am

I’ve had writers block for days. Even when I consider posting something simple about life, just to keep you in the loop, I find myself floundering. Despite that, I pull out my laptop this morning, bolster myself with a large steaming mug of tea, and begin typing letter by letter on the keyboard.

I woke up this morning to the crack of thunder and a bright bolt of lightning. Actually, come to think of it, I might have already been awake and in that hazy, half-sleep mode. Regardless, I had to fight the urge to stay in bed, as the sound of raindrops began to fall on the roof. But then the mental war began. To get up and start the day, or go for twenty more minutes. Surprisingly, the first option won out. That hasn’t happened in a long time. And now, I am delighted to have time to write a post.

This summer has been a rainy one. As a prairie girl, it’s a bit of an oddity to me. I keep on intending to go out and work in the garden, just to have another thunder storm roll in. I’m afraid that some of the weeds in my yard have grown entirely too tall and have gone to seed. I’d like to say that I try to stay on top of it, as I know that once weeds go to seed, you’re just asking for trouble. But the truth is, I’ve been keeping busy with other things, and procrastinating when I have the time. Those mosquitoes drive me batty, and with all the rainy weather, there are swarms of them around.

Yesterday night was Home Church. It was just a bunch of the gals, ranging in age from 26-33. The discussion was actually supposed to be based around Messianic Jews, and while to a large extent it was, what really came out of the evening was something considerably different. We all talked about how we were doing in our faith walks, and not a one of us was content with where we were at. All of us felt like we were floundering a little. This isn’t the first time that this feeling has been espoused, so this week we decided to do something about it. Rather than just agreeing to keep each other accountable through checking in next week to see how we did, we recognized the need to be proactive. If we didn’t take daily steps towards a solution, we’d all just become a support group of our failure. That isn’t somewhere any of us wanted to go.

As it is, a few of us are looking to lose some weight, and one of the ways you successfully lose weight or become healthier, is by tracking or journaling what goes into your mouth. Based on that concept, we decided that a good way to kick off the change, would be to track how we were spending out time during the week. We also all went around the circle and said where we thought we’d see the most time being spent. For me, movies and TV tied with walking. The second is not so bad—exercise and, if I take the time to do so, chat with God. But the first two have an unhealthy control over my life. They are my go-tos at the end of a long day, and I think there needs to be some change there. With tracking this week, I’m looking forward to what it will reveal about me, and how it will make me reassess how I spend my time. Already I see it making a difference, in that I did get up to do my devotions this morning. Chalk one up to Home Church support and the grace of God.