Refuse to be Passive

Denial. Blame. Positive Change.

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2013 at 6:51 pm

All the weight I lost two years ago I gained back. I went through a massive bout of depression and the entire 40 lbs went back on. The next year was a time of healing, but the numbers on the scale didn’t budge, aside from a brief period where I was literally so stressed and so busy, I just didn’t feel like eating. For someone who is an emotional eater, this was a new concept for me. But once things calmed down a bit, all the old habits that I’d developed over the course of my life came back to haunt me and that weight crept back up again. Here I sit at 190, again. I am a filled with a mix of disgust, disappointment and hope. After an entire year of saying, “Starting tomorrow, I am not going to spend the whole night stuffing my face,” I am finally saying, “Starting today, I am going to make healthy choices. Starting today I will eat in moderation. Starting today, I become who I always say I want to be.”


What got me to this point? The other evening I was sitting with a friend, drinking a lovely cup of tea. We were talking about weight struggles and I started noticing that all of my sentences were starting with but. And they were all trying to place the blame in other places than where it belonged, on me. After all, I am the one who chooses to eat or drink all those calories. I’m not being tortured into it. It is a choice I make. I then had the guts to say these words. “I have no excuses. My life is my own. I am in control of my own present and future. It all comes down to me.”


Step One: Done.

Accept responsibility for your actions. Then, decided to move on. Move forward. Move up. Be better.

Really, weight loss and changing to a healthy lifestyle is like trying to come off an addiction. You start with denial and blame. From there, you start to resent the need for change. But once you get past that stage, the true healing and positive change can start.


Bring on healing and positive change!


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