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On Writing From Home

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2012 at 9:08 pm

You’ve heard of the pub crawl, but have you heard of the coffee shop crawl? That’s what I’m doing this morning. I started at Cafe Mondo with a Almond Chai Latte. Once I was finished with that I thought about getting a coffee to keep me going as I typed, but discarded that idea, knowing that their coffee was swill. So, now I’m sitting in The Other Paw Bakery and Cafe, sipping on their Timour Organic coffee form Bean Around The World. Not swill, but still nice and cheap– two bucks a cup with free refills. Note: the coffee at The Other Paw may be decent, but the coffee at the original Bear’s Paw really needs some work. Don’t drink it if you have the option.

Why the coffee shop hop, you may ask? Well, I told myself that I’d write this morning. I have a month’s worth of blog posts stored in my head, just waiting to be typed up, but whenever I sit down to blog at home I get distracted. I start saying things like, “I want a snack,” or “ The living room should really be vacuumed,” or “When was the last time I watered the plants?” From there, my writing mood is shot. But once I get into a coffee shop, power up my laptop, and get a steaming cup of black goodness sitting besides me, the words begin to flow. I have no other purpose in being in that coffee shop than to drink coffee and write blog posts. And even the snacking aspect of things isn’t a temptation because I’ve gone vegan and there’s practically nothing as your average coffee shop that even approaches vegan.

This makes me wonder, how is it that some people can work and write from home? Maybe the case can be made for having a home office, where you close the door, inspiration flows, and words come forth. But I also know of people who live in a small home and do all their writing at the kitchen table. How? They must be more focused than I am, because I just cannot bring myself to do that.

My roommate has been on holidays in California for a month, and before she left I had always said that having a roommate was too much of distraction to write in the common-area. After all, she usually has the TV on, and that can be wildly distracting. But even with her gone, my writing stints were few and far between, and even then only when I forced myself to take the time to sit down and write. It certainly wasn’t something that I wanted to do, rather something I felt I had to do.

So for now, I’ll type away at my laptop, sipping my lukewarm coffee, gazing out at the mountains rising up across the valley. If there’s not inspiration to be had there, I might just be a lost cause.


Are you a writer? Do you work from home? What keeps you focused?


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