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How Your Facebook Profile Can Hurt Your Career

In Uncategorized on October 11, 2012 at 6:06 pm

My cousin is nineteen and finally moved out of her parents’ house a couple of month’s ago. Up to this point, her goal in life has been to get away from the perceived oppression her parents bestow on her. As a result, she’s in a bit of a skank stage right now. Her mother is worried because she knows her daughter is looking for an office job. The two don’t seem connected, do they? I mean, not unless she wears a too short, too tight, leopard skin dress into a professional business office. But my cousin isn’t stupid she’d never do that. So why all this worry on her mother’s part? Facebook. That’s right. Mom knows something that hasn’t dawned on her daughter yet. My cousin won’t even make it to the job interview to show that she can dress well and that full, intelligent, grammatically correct sentences can come out of her mouth.

These days, potential employers are sure to search you on the internet before they offer you an interview. So that slinky, leopard skin, body hugging dress, and those big pouty lips will end her career in a professional atmosphere before it starts. In fact, about the only job that will land her is one as an escort. But I think at heart she’s too much of a good girl to go in that direction. So, as I try to find a way to break the news gently to my cousin, that doesn’t give away her mother’s request for intervention, her job prospects continue to dwindle because her profile picture on Facebook makes it look like there’s only muddled darkness in her head.

Now, if you’re reading this, know that at one point, an employer had looked you up on Google, and checked out your Facebook page—particularly if you haven’t hidden your profile. And remember, employers don’t just judge you by what you wear, but by the company you keep. You don’t look like a good investment if you’re out at the bar with a bunch of people shot gunning beer or licking something off a girl’s stomach. And if you’re the girl, woe betide you.

You want a job? Give people a reason to take you seriously. No want wants to hire someone who won’t show up to work on Monday because they’re still drunk from Sunday night. In businesses, it’s all about making good investments. Are you a good investment? If you can truly answer that as a yes, I have one more question for you. Do you look like it?


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