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Tonight I was r…

In Uncategorized on August 29, 2012 at 10:59 pm

Tonight I was relaxing by watching one of those murder mystery shows. This episode had a local celebrity chef get murdered. The investigators had to stop by the restaurant to break the news to her husband. It was a busy night out front, with a line out the door. The husband brings them to the kitchen in the back to chat. At that scene, I completely lost track of the plot and simply watched the kitchen in the background. They had about eight cooks on staff, all wearing pristine uniforms. There was virtually nothing on the line, the prep tables were clear of all food except for a few plates that the cooks were slowly garnishing and then putting up to be served. One cook off to the left was “working” with a bowl of whole peppers. There wasn’t a knife in sight and he was just kind of examining them, like he was about to cut them up in the middle of service. The kitchen was calm and quiet, beyond clean, and it was all I could do to keep the smirk off my face. Clearly their mis en place wasn’t done, or they’d done it poorly– not likely in a high end restaurant. The pristine white chefs jackets are often only worn by the chef and sous chef, while the rest of the cooks are simply wearing some form of a t-shirt with and apron tied around their waists. And those aprons are unlikely to be the pristine white of a freshly laundered sort, but would have streaks, smears, or dots on them. And where are the bar towels? None of these kitchen staff had them! How do you pull things from the oven, or grab the handle of a hot pan on the stove? No one was sweating; no one looked harried or frantic. The pace was as calm as a soft flowing stream. Rather than the yelling that goes on during a busy service, and the quick movements, looking like a well choreographed dance, and the line prepped for service and hands plating at the speed at light, this kitchen looked like a professional kitchen, but was so unrealistic that it made me wonder if anyone at the show had ever seen a real commercial kitchen. I think not. The front of the restaurant was bang on, but clearly the director and producers of this show had no idea of what goes on behind the scenes at restaurants. It was laughable, to the point that I couldn’t finish watching the episode until I wrote this brief blurb. Do your homework people! If you want your show to be realistic, then do your footwork to make sure you’ve got your facts right. Hilarious. Really, truly, hilarious.


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