Refuse to be Passive

Sleep is a long…

In Uncategorized on April 18, 2012 at 9:36 pm

Sleep is a long lost friend. The past few mornings I’ve been waking up long before my alarm starts beeping in my ear. And now, I lay awake, fretting over what tomorrow may bring. But all my fretting will not change tomorrow’s outcome or make tomorrow come any faster. There are still sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour, and twenty-four hours in a day. The only thing that could make tomorrow arrive more quickly is sleep, the one thing that eludes me. I am tired, yet my brain spins faster whenever I close my eyes. I tell myself not to worry. I have confidence that everything will be alright. I worry little until my head hits the pillow, then my mind explodes with thought. I cease to be able to rationalize my worries away and my conscious mind must relinquish it’s defenses in order to slip into subconscious sleep. Questions rack my brain. Where will I get flowers? What is the best way to hold Eggs Benedict to ensure that the eggs are fully, but not over cooked? What time should the Hollandaise be prepared? Is there enough time to make another batched of crystallized ginger to replace the one that got botched today? Why are some of my classmates unable to follow instruction? Oops, I forgot to pick up stickers to mark plates with dietary restrictions. Now how will I deal with that? Questions, questions, and more questions.

The pot is about to boil and I should take it from the heat before it starts to whistle. It’s nearly midnight, after all. It would hardly be polite for me to wake those to whom slumber is a friend.


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