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The best laid plans…

In Life in General on February 12, 2012 at 2:28 pm

I walked up the street to the streetcar stop. I did the streetcar check, dashing out into the road once making sure there was no oncoming traffic, to see if the trolly was rambling down the tracks toward me. It was nowhere to be seen, so I decided I’d keep going two blocks further north and see if I couldn’t catch the streetcar at Queen. As I covered those two blocks the air bit at my cheeks and the metal in my earrings began to get so cold that I could feel them burning my ears. My vanity kept me from flipping on my parka hood, as it was Sunday morning and I didn’t want my curly hair flattened when I arrived at church. At Queen I did the streetcar check again. No luck on this block either. Thankfully, my local coffee shop– a hipster place with excellent coffee, called Capital Espresso– was open. I ducked inside and ordered myself an Americano to go. It was my strategy for waiting out of the cold and having a well pulled espresso drink at the same time. The staff were friendly as always, but the shop was rather quiet. I guess that was due to it being Sunday morning at 9:10. 

Ten minutes later the streetcar showed up and I gave thanks for Capital Espresso and warmth once more before dashing from the building. I nursed my Americano as the car clacked its way down Queen St. It was a moment of sheer contentment, as I gazed out at the snowy world. That moment of contentment was quickly followed up by a moment of mental insanity. A thought popped into my head that I can truly say I never expected. I sipped the scalding black liquid and thought, “Maybe I should stay in Toronto once school is finished.” I stopped mid sip and slowly lowered the cup from my mouth. It was all I could do to not verbally say, “Excuse me? Care to say that again?” But if I would have said that out loud, everyone on the tram would think me one of the mentally unstable people who often frequent public transit. I started reflecting on what that had meant. Did I mean permanently? Did I mean an extra month? An extra year? What had even brought this foreign thought to mind? Up until that very moment I had a definitive plan to return to Alberta, and probably back to Edmonton. With only two and a half months left, I was nearly counting the days.  So what had happened?

The past few weeks I’ve been increasingly social– within my community and outside of it. I’ve finally found some friends at church, and my social calendar is starting to fill up in a way that it hasn’t since I moved out here. Monday– drop in volleyball, Tuesday– Anti-Valentine’s Christian Mingle, Wednesday– Home Church (at church today I was also invited for dinner that evening). Around the house I’ve been taking more time to chat with Dough and Jodie, and Sunday evenings are turning into a TV night with my friend Kim. I had Kim and Amy over on Saturday to watch a movie. And when I couldn’t get the movie to work, we turned on the Wii and had a blast. So socially, things seem to be on the up and up. I’ve also been getting back into swimming on a semi-regular basis.Oh, and I can’t forget Winterlicious this week at The Chef’s Table with people from church. On a side note, I’ve definitely become a harsher critic now that I’m in culinary school. Sigh.

Then there is the weather. I don’t miss the bitter cold. This winter the lowest temperature we’ve had so far is -16. That’s nothing compared to the -43 they had in Edmonton about a month ago!

What else? I got offered a part-time gig handling social media marketing at school for the rest of my semester. This will likely include updating the Facebook page, starting a Twitter account, and starting a food blog. My career as a food writer is about to begin, and I’ve always enjoyed the marketing bit.

There are two food competitions that I’ll be entering shortly, which I’m looking forward to. And beyond school, I’m finding more and more things in Toronto that I have yet to experience and discover, such as Snakes and Lattes, and Sam James coffee.

As far as I can tell that’s probably most of the reasons that a concept such as that popped into my head. Once the idea of staying in Toronto came to me I immediately sent up a prayer, “Funny. Very funny.” That’s about what it consisted of. I’ve always said not to make plans about where you’re going next because God has a way of taking them and sending you somewhere else– often somewhere you don’t necessarily think you want to be. So, as such, I was making tentative plans, but maintaining that nothing was set in stone. Apparently God likes to twist around tentative plans as well. Now, I’m not saying that I am staying, but it is a wee cause for concern for me at this time. Well, let go and let God right? And now, time to stop procrastinating! The hard drive on my laptop died and now I have the thrilling task of redoing my term project. Goodie.


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