Refuse to be Passive

Content with Mediocrity

In Life in General on February 4, 2012 at 6:55 pm

Some people are perfectly content with mediocrity. They’re happy going through their lives never amounting to much. They’re neither the best nor worst at anything. They are neither hot nor cold, happy nor sad, neither obscure or influential. They are the people who we see day in and day out, but don’t really notice until they’re gone.


I live with a few such people. They are not medicore in all aspects of their lives, but there are definite areas in which they are content with doing less than their best. One such individual was making soup tonight, and as she finished up the soup she said, “It’s really not a very good soup.”  I tried the soup, and while it was simple, it was barely passable– certainly nothing memorable. I encouraged her saying, “If you’re not happy with it, let’s fix it.” I thought she might want to tweak it a bit so she could present a meal she was proud of to her family. Rather than being gung-ho on the idea, she simply said, “No. I think we’ll leave it like it is.” Really? Leave it like it is when you’re not even happy with it? Does anyone else see an odd form of inconsistency there? I tried to push it a bit, suggesting adding spices or a dash of white wine vinegar to really bring out the flavours the soup already contained. When I suggested the white wine vinegar, her husband protested. I looked at him and said, “You like my soups. I always add some form of wine vinegar at the end. It helps provide depth and bring out the natural flavours.” But I respected his wishes and did not add it to their soup. His wife then made some random comment about me needing to respect the nature of potatoes (it was potato soup), and while she was joking I detected and underlying note of seriousness. Really? Respect the potato? Isn’t it showing food the most respect when you work with it in such a way to enhance it’s natural flavours and really make it shine? Is making a medicore soup a way to respect your soup? No! You want it to be the best it can be. Anytime you respect something you do your best to give a good presentation of it– whether it’s in food or other aspects of life.


Are you content with mediocrity? Are you tempted to say “good enough” when with a bit of tweaking or a different presentation it could be something truly great? I know that I have areas in my life like that. What are yours?


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