Refuse to be Passive

In Life in General on January 31, 2012 at 8:11 pm

The days are beginning to run into one another. One ends almost before it’s begun. The only time that doesn’t seem to be flying these days is that of my theory class. The slowness of those four hours more than make up for the speed of the rest of the day. Sadly, when I’m in class, I must focus on class, meaning that other things I could be getting done are falling by the wayside. Now, if class were interesting and helpful, that might be a different story, but we’ve just finished covering our textbook and the rest of the week will be spent working on our term projects. The thing about that is that each student in the class would prefer to work on their projects at home, rather than in class. Some of them literally just sit there and talk until we’re told we can go. This is relatively annoying, as they then also try to talk to those of us who are trying to focus on our work. And even if their not talking directly to me, a couple of those people have very loud and distracting voices. The fact that one of them swears frequently and seems to have no problem with being uncouth or using racial slurs doesn’t help. If I were a cruel person, I can imagine cutting his tongue out with a spoon, similar to the sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Why not choose a sword or a knife? Why a spoon? “Because it’s dull you twit, it’ll hurt more!” No, I’m not actually calling you a twit, but I do rather love that line. I couldn’t give up the opportunity to quote it. Alan Rickman was fabulous in that movie. Anyway, back from the sidebar.

I’ve ramped up my out of house activities just in time to realize I only have three months left in Toronto and should have been doing more much sooner. I’ve taken up swimming three mornings a week once again. I’ve got a weekly bible study I now attend, as well as a new, and much better Weight Watcher’s meeting. I’ve started going out for coffee with acquaintances/ almost friends. I’m discovering great local shops where I can get fresh fare at a fair price– or in the case of Chinatown, a downright cheap price — forty-seven cents a pound for bananas! But then there is Cheese World in Kensington where I picked up a lovely Shropshire cheddar blue cheese for a pittance at only $1.49/ 100g. It was lovely in the crust of my pork and apple pie with Shropshire blue cheese and sage crust. I’ve even got a weekly occurance on Sunday evenings now, watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations with my friend Kim. I’m getting around my “no TV” bit by claiming it as social time and homework in one. The first episode I saw was about a week and a bit ago when doing research for my project on Singapore, and now I’m hooked! The language can be a bit foul, but compared to what I hear day in and day out, it’s actually pretty mild (remember Mr. Uncouth who is in my class?) And then this past Monday night I walked the two kilometers through a lovely, lightly falling snow, to try the drop-in volleyball at the local rec center. Not too shabby. Not excellent, but when it’s drop-in ball, you can’t expect a lot. It was fun, and good to play again after six months off. I don’t know yet if it will become a weekly occurrence. It happens to fall on the same night that I cook, which makes for one busy evening! I basically came home and fell into bed. And soon, it will be that time again. Time to fall into bed and wake up seemingly moments later only to start all over again.


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