Refuse to be Passive

Opinions and Perplexity

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2012 at 4:07 pm

The precipitation falling from the grey sky couldn’t decide whether it was snow or rain. The wind whipped against me and my sight became blurred as droplets formed on the lenses of my glasses. My toes felt numb and I decided that I was definitely taking public transit home, even though I had earlier thought I might walk. Toronto has had such a grey winter that I’d imagine it’s similar to that of a UK winter across the pond. And, similar to my time in the UK, I’m often cold as the insulation in this old house rivals in insulation in many of the old cottages and churches in England.

I sip my hot tea as I write. I’ve been home for more than an hour and I’m still thawing out. I skipped going to the gym today after getting a bit frantic on being behind on my reading for school. After all, my test is tomorrow. However, one day of skipping my exercise is enough and tomorrow morning I’ll be in the pool bright and early.

I’ve made a deal for myself. On days when I have time to kill between lane swimming and school, I’ll treat myself to an Americano at Dark Horse along with a biscotti. This is offered under the provision that I walk both ways to school and so my savings in transit fare will more than cover my warm drink and crunchy snack. On days I’m not feeling that I need to delve into my textbook, I’ll pick up the newspaper and catch up on what’s going on in the world around me. Often when I hear people discussing what’s going on in the world these days I feel a little clueless. It seems that my current knowledge all surrounds food and beverage cost controls.
I was chatting with someone in my class today and he has opinions on everything and expresses them vehemently. Usually it makes him come across as a jerk and today was no different. He would spout bitter diatribes or have disproportionate reactions to topics on which he had no clue. Or even if he knew a bit about the topic, he would mock others who stated opinions that were different than the ones he held. This just made me want to punch him, which I didn’t. What it did make me aware of is that I could be better informed on many topics before proclaiming an opinion on them. So a bit of time with the newspaper in the morning wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

The thawing process seems to be complete. Homework and studying, here I come.


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