Refuse to be Passive

First Day

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2012 at 9:19 pm

The reading material reminded me of my aunt’s pot roast. Dry, tough, and lots to chew on. And that was only the first chapter. I slogged through the text. The instructor hadn’t been lying when he’d warned us that material wouldn’t be easy to get through. I did my fair share of procrastinating throughout the evening– getting drinks, making popcorn, checking e-mail, writing blog posts (ahem). There are about twenty different ways of calculating costs when running a restaurant. Fixed, variable, per server, per hour, per unit, per cover, average cheque, average sale, total sales by category, total sales by server, cost percentage, historical costs, planned costs, controllable costs, uncontrollable costs, and the list goes on.

My intent to read four chapters tonight is quickly becoming a dream. It’s 10:16 pm and I’m nearly done the first chapter. It doesn’t help that dinner took twice as long as was necessary, and I was on dish detail. The pad thai was delicious though.

As I type this post I notice that my lips and hands are becoming dry. The fact that I have a space heater running is probably not helping, but dry skin is preferable to a cold room. It just means it’s time to smooth on the chapstick and lather up with lotion. And come to think of it, I should refill my water bottle as well.

One week. I aim to have this textbook read in one week. It may be painful, but I am determined. At least, I’m determined when I’m not procrastinating. I’ll stay up until midnight and see how much I can’t wade through. Then it’s off to lullaby land only to start all over tomorrow again.


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