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Back At It

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2012 at 5:40 pm

Holidays are nice, but so is getting back into a routine. Today my uncle drove me to the train station and an hour later I lugged my bag through the front door or my home. The first voice that greeted me was the eight-year-old girl who lives in my house. She heard me talking to the dog downstairs and yelled, “Hi Maria!” from the tub upstairs. I greeted her, and then headed up to my room. Upon entering my room, the first thing that I noticed was that, while not dirty, it certainly wasn’t clean. As I glanced around at the things I had left laying out, I recognized what a bad head space I was in before I left for holidays. Coming home, the house was a mess, but it didn’t phase me. I did not make a beeline for the fridge for something to eat. I was thirsty, not hungry, so I grabbed a drink. Looking at my room I saw evidence of a frazzled brain– garbage tucked into the corner. Shoes laying around. My pillow had no pillowcase on it. My dresser had a pile of miscellaneous bits on top of it. That is not how my room looks when I’m in a good mental space. I thought back to two and a half weeks earlier, and the person I saw was miserable. I’m so thankful for the break that I had and that it enabled me to get back into a good mental space, to reset my priorities, and to recognize that the little things that bothered me day-to-day were not really all that important in the grand scheme of things.

The first thing I did was tackle my room. I cleaned up papers, put a pillowcase on my pillow, sorted through the junk on top of my dresser, and came up with a better system for housing my clothes. I started a garbage bag, a recycling bag, and a bag for goodwill. I also started a pile to take from my room and pack into an empty suitcase so that my room wouldn’t feel so cluttered. My room is nearly clean now, but tomorrow I’m going to Home Hardware and am picking up a real broom– not one with straw bristles, so that I can do a good cleaning on my floor. It needs to be washed as well. And dusted. Well, at least I got a good start on it today!

Classes start again tomorrow. I’m excited to get my new textbook. New textbooks are always fun for the first few days. Then the real work starts. Good thing I enjoy learning!


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