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A quick update

In Uncategorized on January 7, 2012 at 8:22 am

My internet access has been intermitant at best these past couple of weeks. As such, my posts have been few and far between, although if I’m honest with myself, even when I have regular internet access my posts are often few and far between.

It’s 8:36am and I’ve stayed over at my cousin’s house for the night, as my aunt and uncle have their hands full having two of their other children and their families staying for the weekend for the family Christmas. As I knew that house would be chaos, I thought it might be wise to suggest some alternate sleeping arrangements for myself. This has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as for the first time in a week, my feet haven’t been cold at night, and I’ve been toasty warm under the blankets without overheating. How I overheat at my aunt and uncles and still wind up with freezing feet I’m not certain, but apparently it’s possible.

Today is going to be a very social day, and I’m going to need to go for a long walk by myself this morning before heading over to my aunt and uncles in order to offset the enslaught of human interaction that will be coming my way for the rest of the day. I don’t know how far the mall is from here, but maybe I’ll head that way as there are a few things I want from the bulk store and I need to pick up a gift card for my aunt to give to one of the grandkids. She has no idea what to buy a seventeen year old girl, and so she has left it in my somewhat capable hands.

As she feeds the kids breakfast, I look outside and give thanks that for the first time in days the sun is shining and the tree boughs are calm. The wind has been blowing with a vengence the past couple days, and it’s nice to see goo weather making a comeback. The weather hasn’t been terrible cold, but as soon as you add in the wind, the outdoors became rather inhospitible.

My next post will undoubtedly come in a few days, once I am back in Toronto and life has gotten back to a semblence of normalcy. Wishing you all the best going into this lovely weekend.


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