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A Nearly New Year’s Post

In Life in General on January 2, 2012 at 2:42 pm

January 1st 2012 was a bright and sunny morning. The air was brisk, but the day held promise. As I got ready for church, I decided that I would go for a walk after the service. Sadly, it was not to be. When we left church, rain was streaming from the sky. I’d attended my cousin’s church that morning– a rather conservative congregation. After being a part of a more liberal congregation for the past number of months, it was lovely to see men wearing suits and ties. It was equally lovely to see them dashing through the rain to get the vehicles for their lady folk who were waiting at the church doors. Chivalry. Often it seems to belong to the conservatives, and it’s something I miss. On days like yesterday, I am more than happy to defer to traditional gender rolls. The rain continued much of the afternoon to be followed by a shrieking wind in the evening. The entire day had turned overcast and the gray sky remained until it was hid by the darkness of night.

This morning I woke up to an overcast sky, but decided that in the afternoon I would wander down to the library. The mercury ready -3, not too shabby all things considering. I sat down with my book after having lunch, and when I next looked up there was a blizzard outside. Maybe I wouldn’t walk to the library. That was okay with me though, as I was comfortable in my chair and thoroughly enjoying my novel. The next time I looked up the snow had stopped and the sun was peaking through clouds. Goodness! Can the weather please make up it’s mind! No sooner had the sun glimpsed through the clouds, then it was hidden again. My plan to walk to the library was back on, or was it? The freak weather made me a little uncomfortable to be walking along the shoulder of the highway towards the library. Even if I wore clothing that provided for good visibility, a snow storm can obscure a good many things. I could get hit by a vehicle, or freeze in the swirling snow. As such, I opted to drive to the library. While I didn’t need any books, the lack of internet was starting to make me jumpy. Staying at my aunt’s house in the middle of the country is relaxing right up until you get bored. Their dial-up internet and computer from 1997 ensure that checking my e-mail takes roughly half and hour. Absurd. So off to the local library I drove. Thankfully I had access to my aunt’s pick-up today. There was also some photocopying she requested I do for her.

When I pulled out of the driveway, the sun was once again shinning, but even as I drove the clouds moved in again. I’ve now been at the library for 45 minutes and twice the snow has started with a vengeance, only to stop just as quickly. Sadly, I forgot my USB stick, and so muchof my intended work will not be happening today. Ah well.

I’m also struggling with whether I reach out of my cousins and offer to visit them. We don’t really have anything in common, and goodness knows that they never contact me to visit, but that being said, my family is one of the few families in my extended family that actually gets along with them. My cousins value my father and so my family by relation. My cousin has two kids who she lives for, and a lifestyle that is so different from mine I wouldn’t know where to start a conversation. Hmm…decisions decisions. It feels like it would be a sacrifice, but some sacrifices should be made. But with how many family members there are out here, how do I choose who to visit? Maybe I can manage a get-together and kill a few birds with one stone. There’s an extended family Christmas in two weeks, but as I’m uncertain as to whether I’ll be able to make it out, and I’m certain that at least one set of my cousins will opt not to come, I do feel I should at least give them all call. Sadly, I always wait to do this until near the end of my time in the area. One of these days I’ll learn.


Well, this post started as a well written piece and has dissolved into rambling. It’s time to sign off for now I think. It may be a while before I post again, but I have not forgotten!


To my readers– family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers– I wish you a New Year filled with rich blessings from God, and a willingness to embrace this year and whatever comes with it in light of his grace.


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