Refuse to be Passive

Off for the Holidays

In Life in General on December 21, 2011 at 7:41 am

It’s been a busy week with lots of food. First Chef of the Day, then a community Christmas Party, then out with friends to the pub after going to the Nutcracker for my first time. Then it’s my birthday, and then it’s my post-birthday, birthday dinner. Oh, and did I mention my other evening out at the pub? Sadly, when I get busy, my eating gets sloppy and healthier things get punted from my schedule, such as going to the gym. Sadly, I’ve missed going to the gym for an entire week now, and this afternoon I’m heading out to my Aunt’s for for the next two weeks, including Christmas a New Year’s which also means more food and no gym. It’s making me slightly nervous. I know that the holidays are pretty much bad news as far as a the scale goes, but there’s no point in adding insult to injury. I need to come up with a game plan to keep my weight in check while enjoying the holidays. My birthday marked my one year anniversary at goal weight with Weight Watchers, and I certainly don’t want to screw it up now! As weight maintenance is such a mental game, I’m more than a littler nervous that at some point I’ll just justify all the food and the entire holiday will go to pot. Goodness I hope not. Maybe I’ll call my mother and ask her to be my accountability partner. Daily check-ins would certainly be helpful! A short blog post, to be sure, but now is time to get all the little things done that need to be prior to taking off for two weeks. Laundry here I come, as well as returning movies, packing, and figuring out which Christmas presents need to come along.


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