Refuse to be Passive

Beer and Broken Heat Registers

In Life in General on December 20, 2011 at 7:55 am

Day one of any resolution is doable. You’re still excited over the concept of your resolutions, and find ways to distract yourself. TV was easy enough to avoid yesterday.

Last night I went out to The Rhino for drinks with people from the community to celebrate my birthday. After perusing over an intense beer listing I decided on a Mocha Porter, which was quite nice, but not as nice as the Great Lakes Brewery Winter Ale that my friend opted for. It was, however infinitely better than the Heineken that another friend ordered. Why order such an ordinary beer with such an extraordinary beer list set in front of you? All these beer offerings made me slightly homesick, as I thought back to my brother-in-law’s home brews which rival the quality of any microbrewery I’ve seen, and the intense social get-togethers that go with each brew. And then there are my memories of The Sugar Bowl and their whopping 40+ beer list. There’s never a dull moments with those many types of beer to try. Although, the truth is that I’m not much of a drinker. One drink I a night is more than enough for me.

Then I went home and went to bed. Beer makes me rather drowsy, as does intense theological discussions on the role of women and apostleship. I wasn’t in on the discussion, but I witnessed it. Sadly, I opted to sleep with only one comforter as my second one was in the laundry. Now, for many people that seems to be a non-issue. They only ever sleep with one comforter, however, there seems to be something wrong with the heat in my room– there is no heat. Honestly, the register in that room doesn’t seem to work, so I either need to use a space heater or leave my door open. Both of those options come with drawbacks in my opinion. The space heater is a disadvantage because it is rather noisy and wastes a considerable amount of energy. Leaving the door open, however is not a good option either, as I’m right at the top of the stairs that people walk in the night to get midnight snacks, and walk in the morning to get downstairs. The kids also make more than enough noise to wake me in the morning without me leaving the door open. And then there is the dog. While she’s a lovely dog, I don’t like having her sleep in my room. She makes a lot of odd noises, and sheds like nobody’s business. I often find her hair in my morning oatmeal or sticking to the bottom of my socks. So, leaving the door open is a resoundingly bad idea. Ah well, at least tonight I will be warm. Two comforters! Delight.

As for my resolution? On to day 2!


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