Refuse to be Passive

Character Sketch

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2011 at 2:19 pm

She’s got a trache scar at the base of her throat. I’ve never asked her about it, even though I count her as a friend. She’s closer to my mother’s age than to my own, but I’ve always felt myself to be a bit of an old soul. Her dark brown hair is cut blunt and short—a style for utility and easy, rather than fashion and glamour. The wrinkles on her face tell the story of a life lived—of both good decisions and the bad. Her eyes match her hair in colour, but sparkle with life. She’s always ready with a smile. She’s always ready to sit down with a warm cup of tea and discuss whatever topic you desire. She’s a fantastic listener. Her life is simple. After going for chemo for Hep C, she’s still in recovery mode and needs rest time for her recovery. As a result she doesn’t hold a job and finds herself relying on welfare. She’s trying to take this time in life to reflect, relax, and plan for the future.

She may be short in stature, but her kindness is hard to miss. She is a genuinely hospitable person, and is always there in times of trouble and need. Like most helpers, her one flaw is feeling uncomfortable when she herself is being helped. For her, it is truly better to give than to receive.

As for her future, she dreams of opening a tea room and is already looking into programs she could take to help her towards that end. She’s constantly reading, whether its fiction or a new cookbook on vegetarian and vegan cooking, she’s always ready to settle down with a book on a comfy couch. I’m impressed with the pace she lives her life at—slow and deliberate. She takes time to simply sit and be, something that I’ve never been particularly good at. She lives the simple life, having relatively few needs beyond food, clothing, and shelter. In that way, she is available to serve others, whether it be babysitting, cooking, baking, neatening the house, or doing dishes. She’s committed to the concept of living in community and living and unselfish life. There’s much to learn from her—patience, grace, and compassion. She is an example for me in some areas where I struggle. And I like to think that I’m an example for her, as she continues her journey through life.


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