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Playing Catch-Up

In Life in General on October 16, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Canadian Thanksgiving is past, and that means that it is time to play catch-up. It happens every year around this time. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I think of the things that are most important to me and every year it comes down to the people in my life– family and friends. Then I start thinking about all the friends I’ve been blessed with over the years. Then it starts– guilt for not keeping up with the people who have been such a strong influence on my life. This is promptly followed up by a series of individualized letters and e-mails. Letters tend to be reserved for the grandparents and other influential elderly individuals who cherish the written word greatly. After writing this year’s string of e-mails, I feel blessed to have already received two responses. It’s kind of like with Christmas cards. Someone sends you one and then you feel obligated to reciprocate. It was through one of those reciprocated e-mails that I was reminded that it has been ten days since my last post. Apparently people do read this blog. That is a delight to know. My friend who made this comment was kind enough to let me off the hook, assuming midterms have been my excuse. While I did have  a practical midterm in the kitchen, the final results of which I don’t find out until early this week, I really can’t use midterms as an excuse. After all, I really only studied for them for two days. Studying for a practical midterm is rather different than studying for a written midterm. Actually, there’s more difference in the execution– less room for BS. With an essay, you can use filler. Filler in a food recipe because you don’t remember the ingredients would not allow you to fare well. Thankfully, I didn’t forget any ingredients in my recipes, I don’t think. The chef gave us a bit of immediate feedback when tasting our dishes and aside from a few minor things, I got good reviews. Hopefully my in-depth assessment will see me fare as well.

Fingers crossed and a shout out to all my friends and family whom I love, but usually fail to maintain contact with. Know that even if I don’t write or call often, you are still in my thoughts and prayers.


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