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Regaining My Center

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2011 at 8:11 pm

Starting a new life always comes with its challenges. The first month tends to be busy as you sort out your belongings, unpack, run errands, and take care of the bits and pieces that go into setting up your new life. You go to get the library card or pick up the paint for your bedroom. You figure out how to take the public transit system and where your local coffee shop is. But once you’re there and settled in, what then? You still have to work at developing a social network, and it really is work. Finding people to share your values and morals as well as desiring to share in your life takes a couple of years at best. So what about during the third, fourth, and fifth month when you’re settled, but not really yet full ensconsed in your new surroundings?
This is a place that I currently find myself in. When not at school or at work, I often find myself rummaging through the cupboards at home, looking for a snack to distract me from my boredom. What did I do prior to moving that helped keep this boredom in check? In contemplating this, I’ve discovered that although I don’t always feel the stress of a new life, it’s definitely there. I don’t yet have the support network or the routine developed to feel comfortable with my surroundings. As such, I tend to turn to food as a friend. Once again I’m back to emotional eating.
The funny thing about emotional eating is that it seems to have a direct correlation with both my spiritual and mental space. If either, or both, of those are off, my eating will be off. Well let me tell you, my eating is off.
After chatting with my mother tonight, we discussed the importance of regaining my center– being right with God will lead toward being right mentally, which leads to being right physically. So I am going to try to get back into a rhythem of quiet meditation during my days (or evenings). From there, I’ll move on to focus on the mental, which may be worked out through the physical. I’m always saying I need a new hobby. Why not tae kwon do or some other form of martial art? How about boxing? Or maybe I can find myself a decent swimming pool nearby. That would be nice…
But for now, I’ll start taking the little steps towards developing a new routine and regaining my center. Hopefully it will all work its way out from there.


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