Refuse to be Passive

Singing in the Rain

In Food, Life in General on September 23, 2011 at 11:34 am

I’d checked the weather forecast before leaving the house this morning. There was no chance of rain until 8:30, which was great as class started at 7:30. By early afternoon we were supposed to have a light rain coming down. I’d biked home in a drizzle before and it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I stuffed my pack cover into my bag to help keep it dry in the light rain on my ride home. I also made sure I had my public transit pass, just in case any of the food I made would prove problematic to bring home on two wheels. It was baking day in class and I wasn’t sure what we were making beyond banana bread.

Sure enough, by 10am it was raining lightly. The drizzle outside the window didn’t deter me. After a week of cutting up chickens, I was in my element–baking. I was whipping up banana bread, cheese biscuits and sugar cookies. I was doing all this under the supportive eye of a professional pastry chef.  She was fabulous, and very patient with those who had never baked before. Apparently cooks tend to not bake and bakers tend to not cook. I seem to be a hybrid of the two, although definitely feel more comfortable baking. Oh, and we also did a port and red wine poached pear. It was okay, but nothing to write home about.

Anyway, after class I packed up my bag, threw on the rain cover, slung it onto my back, and headed for home. I was not more than two blocks from the school when the rain started to come down harder. By the time I was halfway home, it was a definite heavy rain. Not sheeting, but almost there. I was soaked. My hoodie was hanging, heavy with water, from my outstretched arms. Water sloshed around in my shoes. My yoga pants couldn’t have absorbed more water if they tried, and I was infinitely thankful that I’d had the foresight to change from glasses into contact before heading out for my ride.

Now most people would be unhappy about being caught in a downpour on a bike, but for some reason today it just made me laugh. I thought about how absurd I must look, and the fact that I knew that I had a warm and dry home to go to. I thought about the amusing feeling of the water running around my feet. I took joy in the water that my bike tires kicked up, and the fact that when a car splashed me, I didn’t notice because I was already so wet. It was brilliant! By the time I was a few blocks from home I was soaked, singing “Lovely Day” by Out of Eden at the top of my lungs, and swerving my bike back and forth to the music. I must have been a sight. But truly, what a lovely day! When life gives you rain, go to the store, grab some lemons, and make lemonade! Or just go home, have beef asian soup for lunch and ice the sugar cookies you made that morning. Yum!


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