Refuse to be Passive

Fitting in, yet sticking out

In Life in General on September 2, 2011 at 6:52 pm

Do you ever feel like you fit in and yet stick out? Maybe you feel like an ancient building among modern skyscrappers. Maybe you feel like this building:

I stumbled across this building in downtown Toronto with my friend MacK who had come out to visit. We went in search of a series of sculptures of cows that he’d been told to see. There are eight cows, and if you stand at the center of the ring of cows, you can see the same cow from eight different angles at once, simply by turning around in a circle. What an odd concept. Apparently it was designed by one of the great Canadian sculptors who lives in Saskatchewan. I’m sure that with a quick Google search I could find the name of the piece as well as who did it, along with a biography, but the truth of the matter is that right now I’m just too lazy. So instead, I present you with a picture of the cows, which are really quite striking, as well as some other sculptures that can be found around the city of Toronto, with particular reference to the Distillery district, which is, by the way, well worth your time if you’re ever in the city. Wow, what a run on sentence that was!



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