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Life After Death

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2011 at 8:37 pm

I most definitely believe in life after death. I think I always have. Maybe my concepts of what heaven or the renewal of the earth will be like have changed and developed, but I’ve never doubted there being life beyond death.
Today I was reading a book called Love Wins by Rob Bell. In Christian circles it’s quite controversial. I am not finished reading it yet, but feel that he brings up rather interesting points. I can see how what he writes is controversial. Much of it flies in the face of what the ordinary, layman Christian has believed for centuries. The concept of going back to the base scriptures in their original languages and looking at the etemology simply hasn’t always been an option. And education was not available to the degree that many people would have developed the academic desire to go digging. And even fewer were looking to go into a radical framework concept that could challenge how they viewed the faith that was so integral to them. Even now, Bell is attacked for what he puts forward. But isn’t one of the best ways to learn and enlighten oneself to step out of your comfort zone and examine different ideas? I’m not saying you have to agree with Bell, but don’t bash him just because his ideas make you uncomfortable.
That turned into a bit of a tangent, but back to the concept of a life after death. This is never something that I’ve truly doubted. This evening, after reading a portion of Love Wins in the chapter on hell, for a fleeting moment I had the very real thought, “What if this is it. What if there is no life after death?” It’s not even a concept Bell is arguing for, and yet it popped into my head. It was momentary, as I said, but for that moment I had an overwhelming sense of loss and uselessness. What is the point in life if there is nothing beyond it? What is the point in working towards death? How can one even live a full life believing that this time is all we have? How can one live without living for something greater than oneself?
I believe that we are called in this world to start working towards the reclamation of creation, as well as working on ourselves to become as we were originally intended to be– loving creations in relationship with a loving and merciful creator, God. Without those two things, what is the point? I find myself breathing a sigh of relief that my faith in life after death has not actually been shattered. But that momentary glimpse into a life without something more just makes me feel sad for those who live life that way.


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