Refuse to be Passive

In Life in General on August 24, 2011 at 8:25 pm

It’s the first time in days that I’ve actually felt like taking the time to write. Between 4 hours of classes per day, and often another 4 hours of homework, plus being involved in my community, and pounding the pavement to try to find a job, writing often just feels like another thing I have to do– a chore.

Now, normally I use writing to clear my mind and organize my thoughts. Lately, that desire hasn’t been there. In the past couple of weeks I’ve started 3 different novels and can’t get into them either. It’s making it difficult to spend any time relaxing. I only follow a few TV shows, so for the most part I’m not doing that. It takes a darn good movie to keep my attention these days. So what do I do? Have I mentioned homework and looking for a job? Also, it’s amazing how much time transit takes from one place to another when you’re working with your feet or a bicycle.

I had my first job interview today at a new restaurant that’s opened in the neighbourhood next to mine. It went alright, but I’m not expecting to get the job. That being said, it wasn’t one of my top picks for places to work, so it made for a great practice ground for getting back into the feel of doing interviews. I’m still holding out hope for a few other places, and have an interview at one on Friday. Fingers crossed!

On a school related note, Tuesday took my class on a field trip to the Fairmont Royal York to tour their kitchens, then to the Redpath sugar factory museum, which I could have used more time in, and then to the St. Lawrence Market. It was a delightful day. Did you know that the Fairmont Royal York’s kitchens span two floors? It’s a little bit crazy and more than a little intimidating. We also got to go up to the roof, where the hotel has their own small garden and bee hives so that their restaurants can harvest what’s in season for in their kitchens. From herbs to flowers to veg, they’ve got an impressive array of items, including a fig tree! And who doesn’t love that they get their own fresh honey to be used in vinigarettes and such?

Here’s some pictures of my day abroad. I’m uploading them in the midst of a whopper lightning and thunder storm. Let’s hope the power doesn’t go out!

Sadly, I have no pictures of the kitchens at the Royal York, but there were a few things that really impressed me as far as the kitchens went. One of them was the size of their soup cauldrons. I lie to you not, you could fit your kitchen stove in there. Quite amazing. They do all their own pastries, butchering, etc. etc. It’s really quite the operation.
As for the St. Lawrence Market and Redpath? Well, I forgot I had my camera with me. Maybe next time.


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