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A New City

In Life in General on August 21, 2011 at 12:37 pm

I love exploring a new city. I love wandering the neighbourhoods, getting lost, and then finding myself again. I love to glut myself on the myraids of architecture that surround me. I love to see what old buildings have been converted for new uses. I love thinking I’ve got a neighbourhood figured out only to discover that I missed an entire section of it.

Today, my sense of curiosity meant that it took me roughly two hours to walk home from church. I wandered up side streets, through parks, checked out a vintage clothing store, a specialty cheese shop, and made mental notes of cafes to try once my budget allows it.

On Friday I checked out the neighbourhood adjacent to mine, called Liberty Village. I discovered an old industrial building that had a covered walkway in it. The building has been converted into botique shops from salons to bakeries. It was delightful. Liberty village has no shortage of lofts and warehouse conversions. It also has no shortage of bistros. There is character in Liberty Village that is all it’s own. It is an industrial conversion site amidst neighbourhoods of old brick rowhousing, semi-detached, and thin, tall detached homes. Actually, while I enjoy my neighbourhood, I would love to live in a loft conversion in Liberty Village. The entire neighbourhood has the vibe of someplace that’s revving up for greatness. Hopefully that greatness will extend itself into my neighbourhood, which is in sections going through a revitalization and regeneration process. However, it’s in a much earlier stage than Liberty Village is. That being said, I think if I were to stay here for the next ten years, I’d see drastic changes happening in my neighbourhood and it will become a cleaner, more upper class neighbourhood as the old houses get bought out and fixed up. After all, it’s within biking distance of the downtown core– actually, you can walk it easily too if you have the time. Part of me is really excited to see what happens there. But for now, I’ll enjoy the occasional wander through Liberty Village, complete with it’s old converted red brick factories covered in vines, and the great little shops that have moved in to become a part of that community.


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