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Noise in the Night

In Life in General on August 3, 2011 at 8:08 am

The noises of Toronto kept me up last night. The air was hot and humid, stifling attempts to fall into a restful slumber. I could only seem to doze off, just to awaken again. The stairs in my house creak, and so every time a roommate goes up or down the stairs, I wake up. Every time rumbles over the tracks at the end of my street, I wake up. I’m paranoid about my home not being safe at night, not because of my housemates, who all seem to be lovely people, but because I’m scared some crazy will come in off the streets and alight with my new-to-me bicycle. It’s amazing how paranoia can rear it’s ugly head when you’re in a new place.


My bike will be my primary form of transportation until the snow falls, and I’m feeling rather protective of it right now. Although it’s an older, refurbished hybrid, it gives a smooth ride, has a great cushioned seat, and all the gears work. It’s precisely what I wanted to find when my father and I went shopping for it. I have my fingers crossed that it won’t get stolen. I’ve bought a good bike lock, so hopefully that will help.


Today, I plan to take my bike uptown to go to the college I’ll be attending and finish off the last of the paperwork to enrol me for next Monday. It should all go smoothly, and I’m not particularly worried about it. I’m also hoping to get a start on washing down the walls in my room as prep for painting. This room badly needs a paint job, and although the plaster is cracked and previous paint jobs had left odd blobs that should be sanded down, because we think there is lead based paint underneath, a surface sanding will have to suffice. In just a few short minutes I intend to head down to the hardware store to do a bit of shopping. I’m thankful that I don’t have to pay for the supplies myself, as I’m a student on a budget. Other goals for today include finding an internet café where I can print off resumes so that I can start the job hunt, as well as finding a thrift store so that I can pick up some much needed shorts. Apparently there’s a decent Value Village nearby.


Today will be tiring, undoubtedly, but I look forward to it with anticipation. Wish me luck as I go into day 2 of a new adventure.


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