Refuse to be Passive

Wonderbread Girls

In Life in General on June 23, 2011 at 3:42 pm

I’ve been taking public transit lately. Although walking is preferable to me, I recently injured my ankle and so am walking less than I usually would. Thus, yesterday morning I was on the bus to work when they walked on. You’ve seen them. They’re those 16 year old girls who have the perfect hair, make-up, and trendy clothes. They’re a clique of gorgeous young things with the attitude to match. The gossip flies around them. These girls are the ones I could never manage to be friends with in high school. I’ve nicknamed them Wonderbread girls. Why? Because after watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding I found myself associating with the main character who could never manage to be cool because she wasn’t a blonde, flighty, Wonderbread lunch toting girl.

They chattered away, unaware of my presence, even though they were standing right in front of me. They were all dressed in trendy items, wearing make-up to make-up their already flawless skin. Only one of them wore no make-up, and she seemed less vapid than the others, although she still laughed right along with them when they blasted their gym teachers and mocked them for being closet lesbians. It actually hurt a little bit, listening to them chatter. It brought back memories of the girls I envied. And now, these girls stood there, but instead of envying them, I felt sorry for them. I felt sorry that the media and their peers were pressuring them into a tiny box– what they believe to be perfection. It’ll take a good number of years before they realize that surface beauty only take you so far, that you earn your success and your place in this world. I’m hopeful that those lessons won’t come as a painful shock to them.

Looking at the Wonderbread girls from my high school days, one is now looking tired and old with three kids running her ragged. The other got married– not to the high school jock she was dating for 5 years– and has put on a good 40 pounds. She seems unhappy. The girl who was naturally pretty, although not a knock-out and never wore any make-up is now married to a jerk who she can’t get the guts to stand up to. I now feel sorry for them, that high school was the best years of their lives. They’ll always be reliving the glory days. And I feel sorry for the Wonderbread girls of now, who, if they don’t wake up and take control of their lives, will also spend their entire futures reliving the glory days. Come on ladies. You only get one life. Do it up.


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