Refuse to be Passive

It’s Hard to be Gracious…

In Life in General on June 21, 2011 at 10:04 am

Someone in my office yesterday was assigned the task of taking Starbucks orders for this morning. She sent out an e-mail near the end of the work day. I didn’t check my e-mail for the rest of the day, and so didn’t know about the e-mail. When I left for the day, she didn’t even bother to ask me what I wanted, and she works in my office! She just didn’t order anything for me. I’m kind of ticked. Everyone else got a drink, and all she would have had to do was say, “Hey, what do you want from Starbucks tomorrow.” But she didn’t. She just ignored the fact that I hadn’t responded. That seems inconsiderate and even a bit thoughtless. I’m trying to be gracious about it, but it’s hard. I’m already working with a bummed ankle, so a latte would have been a nice pick-me-up. Deep breaths. In and out. In and out.

It’s ironic that I’m having such an issue with this. Although I’ve always had a tempter, the past few years I’ve been much better at controlling it. Something small like this usually wouldn’t make me so annoyed. I guess it’s the fact that this co-worker didn’t even appologize. Anyway, on Sunday, I was challenged to be more gracious and to acknowledge the challenge that my temper presents me with. I’ve also been reading a book about slowing down, and appreciating life in the details.

This morning, I missed my bus by one minute. I had to wait for a light to turn to cross the street. I was slightly disappointed, but grabbed a seat on the bench to wait for the next bus, pulled out my book, and read. It was lovely, and the chapter I was on reminded me to slow down and notice the little things. For example, the sun was shining, after weeks of gray and rain. There was a light, fresh breeze– not too strong, but enough to temper the sun. Everything was green. Everyone else was rushing, and I had time to stop and be thankful for the sounds, smells, and sights around me. Missing the bus was a blessing. My time of contemplation grew into contentment, and my morning has been lovely. And now, my contentment is gone due to my over developed sense of entitlement. I complain about our culture and the way we always think we’re entitled to things, and yet I am guilty of it too! Shame on me. Plus, doesn’t the saying go, “every cloud has a silver lining”? What is the silver lining of missing out on my Starbucks? Hmm, we’ll I have a potluck to go to tonight, so this may mean that I have extra points left for dessert. Delightful!


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