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A lovely weekend

In Life in General on May 16, 2011 at 12:38 pm

While the sun was shining this weekend, the wind was also blowing, so I spent most of my time in doors. It was a refreshing weekend, actually. I even took a nap on Sunday, which if you know me, is most definitely out of the norm. My kitchen is currently a mess, and there are piles of laundry on the floor, but I’m still smiling. It was a good weekend. Whenever I spilled or slopped in the kitchen, it made me chuckle, rather than making me frustrated. My stress level must be getting back to normal, which is lovely. I was planning to make chocolates this weekend, but wanted to make cranberry lemon loaf and mango coconut muffins, so that’s what I did. Granted, I did try to make truffles, but did so without a recipe and mucked them up. They turned into fudgy chocolate mango cake and it was delicious! Sadly, I couldn’t replicate that flop turned success if I tried. Those tend to be the best recipes, the one-timers that you’ll never be able to make again. Ah well, I’m just thankful it was edible. The fact that it was excellent was just a perk.

I spent part of my Saturday morning doing a crossword puzzle and sipping on a cup of tea. I love doing crosswords, even though I’m so bad at them that I can only do the easy ones. I searched high and low for a pencil before getting started, because I needed to be able to erase my incorrect answers. I’d tried the previous day with a pen and the puzzle was a mess. And then, I get the pencil, and I don’t make any mistakes. Go figure.

Sunday afternoon I intended to go to a drop-in yoga class, as I’ve intended for months, and never made it there. Once I get home from church on Sundays, I tend to be tired enough that I have no desire to leave my house again. This Sunday was no different, except that I was more tired than usual due to organizing a lunch at my church for a visiting group of high school students from Winnipeg. It all went smoothly, and there was enough food without too many leftovers. I had some great kitchen help– which reminds me, write thank you cards– and while there was work to be done, I felt good about it, no stressed. Lovely.

Beyond that, I’ve been doing a bit of reading, although I have much more to do. Friends keep giving me movies and books to look at, and I’m having a hard time keeping up! That being said, they all look fantastic, so I’m sure I’ll make it through. Twist my rubber arm.


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