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Neighbourhood Pride Week

In Life in General on April 10, 2011 at 1:39 pm

The city I live in doesn’t actually have a Neighbourhood Pride Week, but I’ve decided that this week will be it. I’m inviting everyone who reads this blog to take the opportunity to partake in an activity to encourage neighbourhood pride. Specifically, for those of us living in areas where the snow has recently melted, choose to make a difference by grabbing some work gloves and a garbage bag. Head to the nearest boulevard or play ground, or school, and fill that bag with the garbage that’s been hiding under the snow. It doesn’t take long, but makes a huge difference in how the neighbourhood looks. If, right now, you are able, shut your laptop or turn off your computer screen and get outside right now. Make this a family activity, and let your kids know that it’s important to make an impact on the community in which you live, and it doesn’t have to be some big flashy event. Acts of service, like picking up garbage are what builds community and builds on the potential to make our neighbourhoods truly great. If you know your neighbours, invite them to do this with you. If not, what better way to meet them and go door-to-door and invite them to take part in creating neighbourhood pride!


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