Refuse to be Passive

One Life, One Shot- Make the Most of It

In Life in General on April 8, 2011 at 10:42 am

I was reminded once again of how life is fleeting.

Yesterday evening a friend of mine went to a funeral. The funeral was for a man in his mid-30s. Just the week before he died in a car accident, he’d been discussing with some of the people closest to him, how he hoped that when his time came, the funeral would be packed– standing room only, with overflow needed. That’s exactly what he got. It is truly sad that he got it so much earlier than ever anticipated, but how wonderful to have that dream come true! How amazing to have such a profound effect on those who surround you.

Then, this morning, the paper’s front page blared the headline that 2 more students at Queens University had died, making a total of 6 in a little less than a year. The campus is shocked, saddened, and searching for where to go, and how to deal with the questions that arise. Why Queens? Why now?

Both of these stories have reminded me how precious life is. We only get one shot. One shot to make a difference. One shot to make it count. And the thing is, we never know when the buzzer will go.


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