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The Importance Of Community

In Life in General on April 4, 2011 at 9:48 am

I never cease to be amazed at the importance of community, and how often our culture fails to see it. We’re like horses with blinders on, so focused on our own needs and desires that we forget about those around us. And the truth is, that in serving others, you’re also serving yourself. Nothing feels better than helping someone out.

Yesterday, the woman in the upstairs suite invited both me and the other basement tenant for chicken stew. We sat down to a meal together and chatted. The stew was alright, but the talk was what made it really enjoyable.

The woman in the upstairs suite has an adorable little toddler, who gets in the way all the time, and constantly wants attention– as toddlers do. Mom was about at the end of her string, so once dinner was over, the other tenant and I offered to wash up the dishes and watch the toddler so that she could go take a shower. She gratefully accepted.

See? Community. We serve each other. Free meals, a helping hand, that’s what it’s all about. In the winter, if my car got stuck, this woman’s husband was out to help before I even had a chance to ask. When the tenant across the hall needs to blow off steam, or even cry, she knows that she can come over and I’ll have a cup of tea waiting for her. And once every couple of months we have a household potluck and movie night. We all make a dish, eat together, and enjoy a movie. I must admit, that as the time for this little community comes to an end, I’ll be sad to see it go. The other downstairs tenant moves out at the end of this month, and I go in August. Hopefully, we’ll take with us what we’ve learned in this place about the importance of community, support, and serving others.


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