Refuse to be Passive

The Urge to Purge

In Life in General on March 31, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Every once in a while I feel the need to purge my apartment of extra stuff. Sometimes this feeling comes and there’s actually very little for me to get rid of. That’s the place I currently find myself in. There are things I could get rid of, but the truth is that I still use them on a semi-regular basis, like the pillows I keep for the odd occasion when I have guests. Or how about that sleeping bag, tent, and mat I keep for camping, but never actually use? Wait, June. I’m going camping in June…maybe. At least that’s the current plan. Maybe I should plan ahead on an event like that, you know, invite some people along. Maybe someone who owns an axe.

Sidebar: Did you know that hot water with vanilla added tastes exactly like vanilla tea? Who needs tea?

What else can I get rid of? I don’t want to get rid of my cooking stuff, and yet, I feel like I own too much of it. Hmm…maybe I’ll pass along some of my cooling racks for baking to my sister. Then I can borrow them if I ever need extras. And then there are all those dribs and drabs of leftovers in my bathroom– shampoo, conditioner, etc, etc. I should focus on using those up. Every year at this time I’m also tempted to get rid of my Christmas decorations, but then I know I’ll need to go out and buy them again next year! So maybe that’s a bad idea.

I’m very tempted to get rid of all my old shorts and such from my days prior to weight loss, but I’m scared if I do that, I’ll gain the weight back and have to buy new clothes– something that is not in the budget right now. Not that I intend to gain the weight back, but what if?

Maybe tonight I’ll purge my receipts and paperwork again. That always feels good, right up until I recognize how much of it I still have to keep. That and the fact that my taxes are waiting…


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