Refuse to be Passive

Just the answer, please

In Life in General on March 12, 2011 at 12:22 pm

People want facts. They don’t want knowledge. It’s the way our world is headed. People want to know the answers to questions without knowing the journey from question to answer.

What is the cost? Rather than looking into a company’s ethics and how they treat their employees and suppliers, consumers just seem to be worried about saving 50 cents on a product.

Sure, it’s cheaper to buy it some places, but are you then supporting action against others that you would never stand for against yourself?

Does this university give me a degree?
Does it do it for cheap?

Hate to say it, but in many cases you get what you pay for. An English degree may seem like a static concept, but have you looked into what the courses have to offer, the type of instructors, and the class sizes? These factors can all make a very real difference in how you view your post-secondary education. You want instructors and classes that engage you as a person, that pique your interest! What good is a university degree if you’re sleeping through it?

Is this food low in calories? Sure, trimming your waistline may be important, but remember that low calorie, low fat, and low sugar don’t necessarily mean healthy! Health is holistic. If you’re putting in synthetic junk, it will effect how you feel! Lower calorie is not always the better option. Look at the overall nutritional content of your food and your approach to food just might change.

I remember being frustrated in high school math because I couldn’t understand the process, and wasn’t content to simply look up the answer. I wanted to know how and why it worked. It’s the how and the why that really get you ahead in this world.

If knowledge is power, then we live in an ever weakening world, where answers are at our fingertips and thought process has been replaced by a search engine. Those who have true knowledge, who know the why and the how, those are the people who have the power to effect change. Those are the people who are leading us into the future.

I for one, am not content to sit back and simply take in answers. I hunger for the why, the how. I want to have the power to effect the world around me. Do you?


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