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Busy Being Busy

In Life in General on March 8, 2011 at 7:22 pm

It seems like you can’t turn on the TV, radio, or step into a conversation these days without hearing someone say, “Oh, I’m so busy!” With all this business that seems to keep our society running, I question if business is something we project. Are our lives really that busy, or do we think being busy makes us seem more important? Are our lives really that hectic, or have we come to embrace it as an excuse? Is it a way for us to maintain our autonomy and not have to interact with those around us?

For example, a person decides to hold an impromptu dinner party. They call up all their friends and meet a wall of excuses. Ultimately it comes down to, “I’m just to darned busy!” But is that what they’re really saying? Sometimes, I’d wager it is true. But the vast majority of the time it seems to be a convenient excuse. It’s amazing how quickly one can clear their schedule when some truly exciting opportunity presents itself. Has being busy become our excuse to be self-centered? Being busy is an excuse our entire culture has bought into. It’s a viable excuse for not doing something. In reality though, claiming to be “just too busy” when someone asks to meet up for coffee sometime is just another way of them saying. “You’re not that important to me. You’re not worth my time.”

Brutal? Yes. Untrue? No. After all, the things we put on our plates are the things that are truly important to us. If it’s not important, we’ll find a way to slough it off. Are you so busy being busy that you’re missing great opportunities? Are you guilty of citing being busy as a way to get out of doing something? Take a good look at yourself next time someone stops you and asks how you’re doing. If your first phrase is, “Oh, I’m really busy,” check your tongue and think about why you’re saying it. Are you really that busy? Or is it a simple answer? Or maybe it makes you seem a little more unavailable than you are– it’s a form of personal protection.

It’s funny, I wonder how busy many of us would be if in the evenings we simply chose not to turn on the TV, sap hours on Facebook, Twitter and the like, and actually put some time into relationships and appreciating the world that we have around us. What would that world look like? I don’t even know.


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