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Indian Mexican Soup? I guess so

In Food, Life in General on February 28, 2011 at 2:23 pm

On Saturday I embarked on a journey to create a creamy vegan Indian lentil and yam soup. It’s funny how the journey from beginning to end can drastically change your results. A little chili powder her, a little cumin there, some leeks, and apparently I made burrito soup. That being said, it was delicious. My friend who had it assumed it was tomato vegetable, based on it’s reddish colour due to a couple of tablespoons of garam masala. I’d opted to leave out the curry, as I know many people are not fans. That may have been where the departure form Indian towards Mexican began. Like I said, then you add chili powder and all bets are off.

What I really loved about this soup is that I used no bouillon and it was vegan friendly. There were no animal byproducts at all in it– no egg, no dairy, no meat. To get the creaminess normally I’ll just puree once it’s done, but as this soup was going to be feeding a bunch, I stretched it with soy milk and tofu. I love tofu for the fact that it simply takes on the flavours surrounding it. You can sneak tofu into almost anything and have no one notice. From quiches, to puddings, tofu makes a great protein source. That’s right, you can make chocolate pudding with tofu and have no one notice the difference. That just blew your mind, didn’t it? I love cooking with what most members of my family would call “alternatives” or “weird food.” I love departing from the norm and seeing where I end up, even if I still do appreciate the norm. Right now I’m a big tofu fan as getting enough protein into my diet has been a bit of a challenge– especially as meat seems to be so expensive these days! Ah well. Lentils, nuts, soy, it’s all good sources of protein, as well as eggs– or egg whites as I’m now leaning.

I had a friend ask me to teach her to cook soup, and then commented on the fact that she wanted to learn to cook more meatless meals. I’ve heard more people say that, whether they themselves are interested, or they want to learn because their friends or children are moving in that direction. I think I might have to host a few cooking nights in the near future!


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