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Depression– just plain ugly

In Life in General on February 23, 2011 at 5:07 pm

Depression is just plain ugly. There’s no other way to describe it. Actually, there are lots of other ways to describe it, but it all comes down to this, depression is ugly. If depression were a dress, it would be like wearing a garbage bag. Because that’s how you feel, you feel like garbage.

I’m not depressed, but I keep on seeing people in my life who are, and I can’t help but feel for them. I’ve had mild depression before, mostly cases of the blues, but true depression, now that is a burden I don’t ever want to bear. I had a friend over for tea the other evening, and when I asked how her day had been, she almost broke down. “Not great,” she said, close to tears. I asked her what had happened. “Gerta happened.”

Apparently a co-worker had snapped at her on a regular basis, belittling her constantly over the past months. Really, this is her co-worker taking out personal issues on other people, but when you’re the recipient of unjust accusation, it’s often hard to see. My friend took what her co-worker said to heart, something about her being slow. My friend then went on to lament that she was slow not only physically, but mentally. From there she began to assess her mental state. She attributed much of her current unhappiness to her weight. Then she started on wistful thinking, but with no plan to follow through. From there, it turned into an explanation on her perfectionist personality and the fact that she always expected herself to do things well the first time. It went from there. I chatted with her about little steps she could take towards some bigger goals, such as healthier food choices. When she goes out for fast-food, she’s now going to take the total of her meal, match the amount, and give it to a local charity. That’s a big deal for her as she’s working on a tight budget. We’re also going to start cooking together to teach her how to make delicious healthy meals at home. She’s already got a good start in her abilities, but needs inspiration. Depression is an ugly thing, and I know that it’s not my place to fix my friend, but I do want to be there to support her. Depression is a severely misunderstood issue, and I’m hoping that I can provide her with a shoulder to cry on when needed while she’s figuring things out and picking herself back up.


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