Refuse to be Passive

The Long Weekend

In Life in General on February 22, 2011 at 10:16 am

It’s amazing how a long weekend can often seem to much shorter than a regular weekend. You get back to work and you actually feel more tired than when the weekend started. This is often the case for me. Today I’m a little bit sluggish, as sugar and carbs were in high supply over the weekend, and protein took a bit of a back seat. But now I’m back on track. Those darnded weekends may be the death of me…not literally I hope. But it’s Tuesday and things are back on track. Get a bit of coffee in my system, and a healthy breakfast and things should improve. This long weekend may have felt short in many ways, but I’m actually surprised at how much I did. I can barely remember Friday, but I seem to recall finishing my paper for my class and watching a few TV episodes. I maintain that TV makes me feel sluggish and lazy, yet I occasionally just seem to get caught in a viewing frenzy. Saturday was doing the final exam for the course that I had finished the paper for the day before. And then there was the grocery shopping and cleaning, and general Saturday stuff. Sunday was church, small group, and preparing for Monday, which was the annual youth group pancake breakfast fundraiser. That fundraiser, while fun, is always a challenge. Trying to get the youth to work well in the kitchen is a challenge and a half. Overall, it was exhausting but good. I did a few more errands, read a book, watched part of a movie (which seem to bore me these days), and then opted for skating at the Legislature grounds and reading a book. Good weekend, really, but I’m still sitting here this morning, yawning.


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