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The Importance of a Good Haircut

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2011 at 12:17 pm

A great haircut is something that many people just don’t want to spend their money on. They’re fine with the same-old and keep going to the closest Supercuts. But anyone who has ever had a truly fantastic hairdresser who gives truly fantastic cuts, knows that it’s worth it. A great haircut can make or break how your viewed by others.

If you have a great hair dresser, they almost become a friend. Not only do they remember and take a vested interest in you from visit to visit, they remember your hair and due to extensive training, know what works well and what might not be a great idea. But here is the key– find a hairdresser who understands your hair.

When choosing a hairdresser, look for someone with hair similar to yours, whose cut you like. My hair is thin, fine, and has some curl. My hairdresser has similar hair and understands how it will respond. She knows the effects of my swimming on my hair, as well as the best treatment methods, tips and tricks to get it to look great. She’ll always ask me for what’s worked in the past, what I like and didn’t, to ensure I get a great cut. I trust her so much that I basically tell her to have fun and always come out loving my cut. It sounds like I go to a pretty high class salon for this great service doesn’t it? Not so! My hairdresser comes to my house. She’s a recent university graduate who had gone to hairdressing school as a way to help her pay her way through university. And is she ever good! She cuts quickly, efficiently, and confidently. She’s personable too. My co-workers and I host hair cutting parties at each others houses every couple of months, our hairdresser comes, and does six cuts in one evening. We usually enjoy some wine and hor’deurves at the same time. Lovely lovely!

Today I walked past a mirror, after getting my hair cut last week, and the first thought through my head was, “Great hair!” and the second was “Heck, great everything!”


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