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Licorice Tea

In Food on February 1, 2011 at 2:28 pm

A few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to the joys of licorice tea. Up until that point I’d detested licorice, based on the black Twizzlers I’d had as a kid. After taking my first sip of my friend’s Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea, I was hooked. It’s got a sweetness to it without adding sugar. It feels like an indulgence in every sip. But I have to admit that the price point on it made me cringe. $7.98 for a box of 16 tea bags. Thus, I’ve saved it as an occasional treat. The Stash Licorice Tea, while not as potent, is good as well. The price point of roughly $5 per box (30 tea bags) makes it seem much more affordable. However, one tea bag makes about half the tea of the Yogi Egyptian Licorice. Thus, while still cheaper, it’s not as much of a deal as one would thing. But low and behold, I have found a solution! When wandering through the local Italian market, my favourite for their great selection of ethnic foods, spices, and fresh produce, I decided to check out their tea collection. I stumbled across Clipper Organic Licorice Tea. At $3.98 for 20 bags, I couldn’t afford not to try it. And I am delighted to say that it tastes similar to the Yogi tea, and does roughly the same number of cups of tea for half the price! I’m now a believer in Clipper tea, and the local Italian market will be seeing much more of me.


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