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Facebook Gone Bye Bye

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2011 at 10:19 am

Yesterday evening, my friend and I hosted a potluck in honour of our decisions to delete our Facebook accounts. They were taking up too much of our lives, and I in particular, was uncomfortable with all the personal information the company had access to. It was a bit of a process, requiring tracking down e-mail addresses of people I wanted to stay in contact with, the closing of groups I’d started, and other such things. Then, when it came to deleting my account, it was a multi-step process including re-entering my user name and password, then entering an encrypted code, then citing my reasons for leaving. On each subsequent page it gave you the opportunity to change your mind, but I plowed through until I hit the final “delete my account” button. My friend had moments of panic during the event, but deleting my account didn’t even phase me. I’m glad it’s gone. Granted, I can, for the next two weeks revive my account.

The Facebook suicide engine that we were going to use to delete ourselves completely from Facebook– from applications to photos– received a Cease and Desist order from Facebook, so that was no longer an option. To Facebook, I would like to say, isn’t that an invasion of my rights? Isn’t it my right to delete myself from Facebook and all things pertaining to me? The truth is, it’s probably not in my rights. When I signed up years ago, I probably gave them free reign over my information. This was when Facebook first started up and it was only for university students. It was not the monster that it has now become.

Now, I must confess, Facebook has it’s useful aspects, but for me the pros are far outweighed by the cons. Therefore to Facebook I say this, “Good riddance!”


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