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Good Writing

In Uncategorized on January 29, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Today I was reminded of how much I appreciate good writing. I’m doing research for a paper on post-secondary student career indecision and came across an article with such a well written prelude, that I was enthralled, and continued to be enthralled until the article ended. To find that in a piece of writing when researching a paper is rare. To be honest, finding writing that good is rare in almost all aspects of life.
This reminds me of a former co-worker who could write beautifully. It wasn’t the slow, steady, well thought out and edited writing that you see so often. Eloquence flowed from his pen. Words were always in the right place, and the right word was always chosen. My boss, knowing that I had taken an English degree, had shown me his cover letter before she’d hired him. I was floored. I’d never read a cover letter that effective before. I told her then and there that if the tone and form of that cover letter was duplicated in the interview, she’d be nuts not to hire him. He got the job. He was as well spoken as he was written. People like that are fare to rare, and so when I come across one, I’m truly thankful for their abilities. I’m also truly envious as I admire the talent and skills that have developed there.
I could say that a good writer is like a breath of fresh air, but that would be a little cliche, now wouldn’t it? Therefore I will say that there is nothing I enjoy more than a well crafted paragraph that sparks my interest and envelops me in a story– whether that story be a classic novel, or research on career development theory and post-secondary students.


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