Refuse to be Passive

A Forgotten Love- Skating

In Life in General on January 22, 2011 at 2:44 pm

The snow is falling in big flakes from a black sky. Tonight I rediscover my love for skating. The rink is white, lights illuminating the ice and surrounding trees. It’s the perfect temperature for outdoor skating, and the location couldn’t be better. I love the grounds at the Legislature.

It’s been so long since I last put on a pair of skates and headed out on the ice. My legs shake and ankles wobble my first few laps around the rink. A plethora of deep grooves are carved into the ice, speaking to the many pairs of skates that have crossed this surface before me. Speaking of  laughter, fun, cold, pain, falling, and all manner of emotions experienced. I slowly gain momentum and confidence, testing cross-overs, skating backwards, spins, balancing on one leg. Each time I fall I put my gloved hands to the ice, my mittens sticking momentarily to the shiny frozen surface as I break contact and get up again. I slide over the ice, reveling in the wind brushing my face, thankful for the fact that it’s not giving me frostbite. It’s a cool respite after the sweat I’ve started to work up. I know I need to stop soon. So many falls are bound to turn into bruises in a few days time. My muscles will be hard knots come morning. I’m going to need a massage. I skate towards the heated trailer where my bag and boots are stashed. While I’m loathe to go, I know there will be other days. I will remember my love for blades on ice. I will return. Soon.


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