Refuse to be Passive

My aching back…

In Life in General on January 14, 2011 at 10:27 am

I’m currently sitting in my office chair, a hot water bottle pressed against my lower back. They say that exercise is good for you, but I’d like to extend that statement to include “but sports aren’t.” On Wednesday evening I had a volleyball game. It must have been my unlucky night, because I was hit in the face with the ball three times, and I hurt my back after making multiple dives for the ball. Recently, I’ve been taking my physical health for granted. Yes, I had a cold over Christmas, but I haven’t had any back, ankle, or knee issues for months now. A large part of this I attribute to swimming regularly, weight training, stretching, and overall weight loss. However, apparently I’m still not invincible. Actually, I should probably be laying down right now, not sitting in a chair putting pressure on my discs and all that jazz. Time to contact the acupuncturist for treatment!


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