Refuse to be Passive

Have a Little Class

In Life in General on January 14, 2011 at 10:45 am

“I want the last word on this,” the woman in her late 60’s said. ” It’s not right, and I’m really mad about it. I want the last word.” She pulled out a sign she had hastily scribbled in marker on a piece of cardboard that had at one time been the bottom of a flat containing soup cans. “I’m a pensioner and I work hard for my money.” She grabbed a roll of packing tape and ripped off a long strip and taped the sign up in a prominent place in the swimming pool change room. The sign read:

On Friday while I was in the

pool 8-9. Someone stole (scribbled out letter) my special


GOD must be very proud of you.

I hope you can sleep at night.

This sad excuse for a sign got me thinking. Elders often complain about “young people these days,” but the attitude put forward by this elder of  “I deserve what I have” also suggested a sense of entitlement. Maybe it’s not young people only who are failing to be gracious. In fact, I know many teens and young adults who are very gracious. Maybe it’s more about the person and less about the age group.

Beyond that, I would like to ask this woman if she really wants to bring God into this entire situation, seeing as her response was less than stellar. I can understand her being frustrated, but she has ranted and steamed for days. If she’s never screwed up, go ahead and make a sarcastic statement like that. But, if, as her actions suggest, she too is merely human, how is it her place to pass vindictive judgment? Part of me hopes the next time she makes a bad decision that someone rubs her face in it. I know, it’s not my place to judge. Amazing how hard that is, and how ironic in many cases. But still, at least have a little class when handling a situation like this!


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