Refuse to be Passive

Snowed In

In Life in General on January 9, 2011 at 12:25 pm

It’s Sunday morning, and instead of being at church, I’m holed up at home waiting for the water  to boil for tea. We got 15cm of snow yesterday, a few more this morning, and even after digging out my car, it doesn’t look like I’m going to be going anywhere anytime soon. The roads, except for thoroughfairs, are simply ruts of snow covered with ice covered with snow. Even if I were to shovel all the snow away from around my tires–again– I still wouldn’t have much luck getting anywhere. I think I might just park my car for a while and walk everywhere. People are faster at cleaning their sidewalks than the city is at cleaning the streets. The sad thing is, I live in Edmonton, which means no chinooks. This snow is going to stick around for a while. All I can pray for is that it doesn’t get too cold, and that I don’t wind up with a flat tire or something if I don’t drive my car for a while. Thankfully, I have fantastic neighbours who helped, okay, did most of the shoveling out of my car the first time. I then backed my car up to try to get out, as going forward still wasn’t working, and got stuck again. I give up for now. Maybe once my fingers have thawed I’ll give it another go. Shoveling snow is a pain because I feel guilty making others do it, but if I do too much my old lower back issues flair up. It’s a loose loose situation. I’m just thankful for neighbours that I can call friends.


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