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Christmas, unhealthy food, and getting sick

In Life in General on December 26, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Healthy eating and Christmas seem to go together like oil and water. Being sick and Christmas just seem to go together. The past few days have been interesting for me gastronomically. I’ve eaten pizza twice, after not eating pizza for 4 months. I’ve had home-made streusel, which was probably the best streusel I’ve ever had. I’ve had chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust. I’ve munched on After Eight mints and candy canes. Thankfully, I’ve also had lots of fruit and veggies around to offset all this unhealthiness. I can’t help but wonder if eating all this ‘bad’ stuff has led me towards one of my long time Christmas traditions—getting sick. Last year I was one of the few in my family who didn’t have a bout with the flu—at least not until I got home after the holidays. This year, illness seems to be hitting me a little sooner. I woke up last night with a sore, scratchy throat. I grabbed a drink of water, and then went back to sleep. In the morning, my throat still hurt. My sister told me that it might just be the fact that the air in her apartment is really dry, but I’ve felt this coming along for a few days now. I’ve been holding it off with lots of hot tea and citrus. But she seems to have arrived. As such, I stayed home this morning to rest, while my sister and her family headed for church. I haven’t made it to church at all yet this Christmas, and it feels a little odd, but I don’t want to be spreading my sickness as well as my Christmas cheer. Better me sick at home, rather than spreading it to who knows how many other people. As such, it’s nearly noon and I’m seriously contemplating a nap. I’ll glug down the rest of my coffee, and maybe close my eyes for a few minutes before the apartment is bustling again.



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