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Sometimes I Forget

In Life in General on December 24, 2010 at 10:49 am

Sometimes I forget that not everyone nerds out about food like I do. I run in circles at home where many of my friends have the same passion, and most of the blogs I follow online also fall into the food lovers category. As such, I was surprised yesterday when my sister began to zone out as I dished over a delicious sandwich I’d had at a restaurant back home that was a warm grilled ciabatta filled with smoked cheddar, portabello, arugula, tomato, and apple jam (and some other mystery sauce I’m still looking into).

My sister and I have always enjoyed spending time together in the kitchen, often making up recipes out of whatever we had in the fridge. It was delightful fun, and I never questioned it. We were both food lovers. But apparently, I’ve taken it one step further the last few times we’ve hung out together. She’s very good at faking interest, because it took me until now, via hearing her say she was zoning out, to recognize that she’s not the food nerd I am. Strangely, I’m okay with this. I’ve found a niche that no one else in my family has taken as their own, and that’s a nice feeling.

This is my middle sister, and quite frankly, most of my life I’ve been trailing in her shadow– she always did everything better than me, and I felt it keenly. So it’s nice to have something of my own. When I took up swimming, I heard stories of how good she was– how far she could go in how short a time. I couldn’t do that. She’s always been a fashionista and looks great 24/7. I’m not there either. She has a wonderful husband and a sweet little 2 year old boy. I’m nowhere near that point. I’m thoroughly single, which I’m alright with most of time– especially when I’m around other people’s kids and they’re being total brats. My sister was artistic. I took art history because my concept of figure drawing was s stick person. She’s always been thin; I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 15. You get the gist. Just achieves more all around and does it well. So that fact that I’ve developed a true love for food and the mingling of flavours is a delight.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my sister so much. I don’t envy her for her successes– at least not much. Rather, I’m happy for her. She’s my go-to girl, someone I can talk with about absolutely anything and not have to worry about judgment. When I succeed, she’s proud, and I seriously doubt that she knows I’ve ever felt myself to be in her shadow. If she ever reads this post, it may be a bit of an eye opener for her, but I don’t think she’ll resent it or feel guilty, at least she shouldn’t. I’ve been so blessed by both my sisters, and on this Christmas Eve, they are what I am truly thankful for.


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