Refuse to be Passive

Good food, great friends, and boy am I tired!

In Food, Life in General on December 21, 2010 at 11:14 pm

Life is a funny thing. I’m only two days into vacation and I’m already more exhausted than after a week at work. What’s with that? Alright, I know the answer. I’m working on packing up and taking care of last minute errands before heading home for the holidays. Today has seen me do everything from homework, to finishing a cake, to fueling my car, to heading for lunch with a friend, and then coffee and shortbread at a local bakery with another friend. I also managed to go through all my paperwork, sort it, and chuck a bunch of stuff. It’s been a productive day. But now, it’s only 10pm and I’m exhasted. Actually, I was exhausted at 9pm, now all I want is bed, but I figured I should throw up a blog post before turning in.

Great food to be had today! I went to Culina Highlands, and was delighted by my Portabello and Smoked Cheddar sandwhich. After my first less than thrilling visit to Culina Millcreek, this has restored my faith in at least one of the Culina restraunts. On my list for the new year, make apple jam! My salad also came with a delightful mustard vinagrette, and while I’m normally partially to fruity dressings, this one was lovely. So I’m going to be toying around with ingredients at home, seeing if I can’t come up with something similar. The friend I went with had a quinoa and millet salad with pine nuts, mandarins, dried cranberries, and feta. Similar to mine, hers was delicious. If you decide to frequent this fine establishment, I suggest reservations as it gets rather busy over lunch hour.

Note: These restraunts have different menus, it’s not a chain, rather sibling restraunts.

And then the evening took another friend and me to Duchess to see the gingerbread replica of Notre Dame at 1:100 (or however you write scale sizes). It was truly impressive. I also discovered that there is a great tea selection there! After hemming and hawing over some great options, I settled on fennel licorice tea. I just can’t get enough of licorice lately. And then, because I couldn’t decided between the shortbreads, I had one of each– earl gray, lemon poppyseed, and traditional, along with one of their famous macarons. Not a healthy dinner, granted, but delicious. The staff there are always so friendly, and in the evening, its rather quiet, and so while selection of baked goods is limited, you can be assured you’ll have a table. Mornings are another story, particularly Saturdays. Avoid if you can as I guarantee there will be a line. On the other hand, it’ll be fresh as can be and a nice brioche for breakfast with goat cheese and sliced strawberries can be divine.


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