Refuse to be Passive

Last Day

In Life in General on December 17, 2010 at 10:28 am

It’s my last day of work before Christmas holidays, and I have to admit that I’m not all the excited. I have so much to cram into those couple weeks off, that I’m actually finding it a bit intimidating. Want examples? Tomorrow I have a birthday brunch, would like to help some friends move for a couple hours, and serving dinner at the Mustard Seed– a local mission. Sunday, my actual birthday, will be spent at church with the youth group all day, prepping for the Candlelight service they’ll lead in the evening. Monday and Tuesday consist of homework, and lots of it. Wednesday I head down to Ponoka to visit a friend. Thursday I’m down to Calgary to celebrate Christmas with my sister and her husband. On the 26th, I’m stealing my nephew and heading down to my parents in Lethbridge. Somewhere in my Calgary time, I’m hoping to grab coffee with a couple of friends I don’t see nearly often enough. Once in Lethbridge, there’ll be a few down days– although with a 2 year old on hand, I don’t know how relaxing that will be. Then the rest of the siblings will come and we’ll do our traditional New Year’s gift exchange. From there, I head back up to Edmonton and back to work! Whew! I feel tired just thinking about it.  And of course, somewhere in there, I need to do Christmas shopping. Yipes.


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