Refuse to be Passive

Disappointment all around

In Food on December 7, 2010 at 10:30 am

Last night I tried a new recipe for curried rice. The smells in the kitchen as it cooked were divine, and waiting for the rice to be done was torture. I dished up some of the rice for me and a friend. My first bite was disappointing. And the second didn’t get any better. There was too much heat and not enough flavour. We wound up adding raisins to it to give it a bit of depth, but still, all in all, I won’t be making this recipe again. I’m looking back at the reviews of those who made it before, and only one writer mentioned what I too felt, that the spiced were “too heavy”– particularly the chili powder. It makes me wonder if maybe the author wasn’t using old spices when they came up with this recipe.

When it comes to recipes, you win some and you lose some. The honest truth is that you lose more than you win. That’s why a truly fantastic recipe, particularly if it’s healthy, is something that should be held onto tightly. Anyone can make an excellent recipe using ingredients high in fat, sugar, and sodium. For a recipe to be truly great, it needs to use less processed materials, and really engage the basic flavour of the food being cooked. If anyone has suggestions to that extent, please feel free to pass them on!


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